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What got you here won't (necessarily) get you there?

' In today's VUCA world, to make a successful business, you need money, technology and people. Money is abundant. Technology is available everywhere. Leadership is in short supply. The good news: you can create a culture to attract good people and you can develop them.

Leadership is not the sole preserve of a happy few at the top. Personal leadership at every level and in every role makes a huge difference in an organization's performance and value.  Purpose-led, effective, courageous, authentic leadership emerges at the convergence of outside-in leadership, dictated by external requirements, and inside-out leadership, inspired by a deep purpose. 

When things get more complex, when events accelerate, it is essential - and somehow counterintuitive - to stop and think. At each step of a leader's career, new situations arise. They call for a new approach. A pause is needed.

We help leaders to run organizations effectively and ethically, using coaching, consulting, facilitating and mentoring techniques. We help executives, top teams and leaders to pause and decide how to best adjust their beliefs, behaviors, and practices with their organization's strategy & vision.'

                                                                                                                                                                                         Olivier S.E. Courtois - Founder, CEO


Our Vision & Values

Purposeful, ethical, and effective organizations or networks are the most powerful lever to transform the world into a thriving, inclusive and human place. Creating and leading those organizations requires leaders and people with intelligence, energy, and ethics. We bring our modest contribution to a better world by helping leaders behave more authentically, more responsibly, more effectively.

We strongly believe in Business Ethics, Authenticity, Collaboration, Respect, Purpose, Performance, Sustainability, and Continuous Development.


PerformHance Consulting Services

Efficient Teams + Effective Leaders = Enhanced Results

We work with people and organizations to improve leadership, unleash full potential, leverage teamwork, increase business impact and enhance sustainable performance. When you work with PerformHance Consulting, you work with Olivier and his network.


Top Team Performance

Teams are more than a sum of skilled individuals!

Collaboration is the essence of organizations. Bringing resources and people together multiplies individual capabilities exponentially and allows them to reach ambitious goals. That's in theory though.

To align individuals with an organization's vision and strategy, the role of teams is essential. And teams deserve attention, starting with the top team. Shifting from a group of talented individuals to a real team requires continuous attention and maintenance.

We help teams define the different components of their success, activate them and review them regularly.

We have designed a solid process coupled with a set of thorough diagnostics to enhance your team performance from the Top Team down into the organization: the PHC Team Improvement Process© 

The PHC Team Improvement Process©

5 reasons to use the PHC Team Improvement Diagnostics©

  1. A unique tool based on a blend of the best models, and on practical experience with numerous leadership teams and individual leaders.

  2. A quick, reliable, easy-to-use tool to measure your team contribution to the organizational goals.

  3. A process, not just a tool, to enhance your team performance, set team development targets and track progress.

  4. A tool that can easily be combined with personal feedback and development instruments.

  5. 8 factors and 40 questions that can be customized to your team level (executives, leadership, project), team needs and to your organization.

Download our presentation on Team Improvement

Executive Coaching 

When things get more complex, when events accelerate, it is essential - and somehow counterintuitive - to stop and think.

Coaching is not an esoteric science nor a new age practice. It helps individuals make a pause. When things get more complex, when events accelerate, it is essential - and somehow counterintuitive - to stop and think.

At that moment, a coach may act as a useful sounding board. A coach can listen to you without any judgment, challenge you, advise you, support you, give you feedback, encourage or urge you to set new goals and help you to track progress. He may also share his experience. Everything is possible but nothing is automatic. It is a deal between you, your sponsors and the coach. 

Finding a coach is often a question of personal fit. Experience, certifications, word-of-mouth are good ways to evaluate the coach's professionalism. Common sense must prevail. Business experience, market knowledge, seniority are as important as grades or certifications.

Meet several coaches before making your decisions and trust your gut. We count up to 1000 of hours of coaching experience. We deal with strategic and operational leadership questions for more than 1500 hours per year. This gives him us breadth and depth of experience. With clients across EMEA in European and global organizations.

References available, confidentiality permitting.

Executive Retreats

Define your leadership strategy away from the hustle and bustle of corporate life.

Sometimes, in one's career, in key transitions moments, a more profound reflection is essential. Executive Coaching sessions or an Executive Development program are not enough.

We have designed a once in a lifetime experience, an exploration journey, to support senior leaders in those transitions. A team of 2 to 3 executive development professionals will support the leader, challenge, guide, inspire him/her, during the whole process. Each from a different angle, bringing their own personality and experience.

The outcome is the shaping of a clear, personal leadership strategy to equip the executive to lead the organization with a renewed sense of purpose, enhanced energy, authenticity and focus.

Future Executives Program

Prepare and engage the next generation!

High Potential identification and development is an important aspect of talent management in many organizations.

We propose a unique program to engage the next generation, provide them on-the-job development, while offering to Senior Executives a unique platform to observe, better assess and mentor their potential successors.

During a customized journey, 2 professionals from PerformHance Consulting, coach and mentor a group of 6 to 8 selected High Potentials together with Senior Leaders of your organization.

This program offers a unique opportunity to Senior Leaders to get to know their High Potentials more closely and to get a better grasp of the leadership challenges that their High Potentials are facing.

High Potentials get a unique opportunity to bond with their peers, learn from each other and get special attention from their Senior Leaders.

Leadership Seminars, Webinars & Keynote Speeches

Balancing out outside-in and inside-out leadership.

Hire Olivier and his network for your next seminar or program! Olivier has a long experience in public speaking and seminars. With groups of a few to a few dozens to several hundred. In one-hour, one-day, one-week, one-year formats. He has spoken in diverse settings, in-company or publicly, with multicultural or more local audiences. His style is engaging, authentic and collaborative. He speaks from experience about leadership and business themes.

Whether you need an inspiring speaker for your next event or a facilitator to create a productive dialogue, Olivier and his network will help you achieve your results.

Different formats available:

  • Speeches of 60 to 90 to engage a large audience.

  • Short action-driven seminars or webinars of 60 to 90 minutes for a specific group.

  • Half-day action-driven seminars for a specific group.

  • A customized sequence of half-day sessions with time for application between sessions.

  • A customized, blended journey with in-residence and virtual sessions combined with webinars and coaching.

Leadership Themes

Develop one collective intelligence in your organization around key leadership themes.

Some of the leadership themes we approach during our interventions include:

  • Leading with Purpose.

  • Executive Presence.

  • Executive Presence for Women.

  • Inspiring People.

  • Communicating with Impact.

  • Influencing without Authority.

  • Team Leadership.

  • Team Effectiveness.

  • Building & Managing a Stakeholders' Network.

  • Customer Facing.

  • Leading in a Remote, Digital, Virtual World.

  • Building Trust.

  • Creating Engagement in a VUCA world.

  • Shifting to an Entreprise Leadership Role.

  • Identifying Your Inner Drivers, Your Unique Traits, Your Personal Beliefs and Values, and Your Potential Career Derailers.

  • Strategic Negotiation (click here to download our presentation on Strategic Negotiation to get a flavor)


What gets measured, gets fixed!

Continuous improvement is not possible without a high degree of self-awareness.

Whether at organizational, team or individual level, knowing self and having a clear insight into how one impacts one's stakeholders helps to understand what to do to improve and, equally important, to understand the need for change. 

We provide several diagnostics at an individual, team and organizational level.

We use best-in-class, recognized tools or our own diagnostics, for example, the PHC Team Improvement Diagnostics©. 

We ensure feedback sessions are properly set up to bring the most value out of the exercise and to pave the way to an effective development journey.

Leadership Culture

Aligning the cultural dimension with structure and strategy is a key factor of success. 

We help you to define the right winning attitudes and behaviors that will enable you to execute the organization’s strategy.

Simply put, organization culture is; “the way we do things around here.” During a cultural transformation when new structures and processes are being launched, not aligning the cultural dimension will ultimately lead to failure. What type of attitudes and behaviors do you need to encourage? What are the winning attitudes? How do you create a learning organization and foster the right leadership capabilities at all levels?

We help you to anticipate the type of transformational behaviors that are needed to support your new strategy.

We work together with you to define the present culture, construct the future winning attitudes and embed them in the organization.

Giving a Presentation

Our Approach

There is no developed leader in an underdeveloped self. 

Leadership development is closely linked to the strategic orientation of an organization as well as by its culture. But it is, first and foremost, intimately linked to the person. There is no developed leader in an underdeveloped self. 

Each stage of leadership development requires a different blend. A first time leader, a middle manager, a VP or a CEO have different needs. What they have in common, is the need to pause while things accelerate and complexify. 

Leadership development starts with Personal Leadership: it focuses on exploring traits, drivers, beliefs, values, experiences, leadership behaviors, potential derailers. 

It continues with Interpersonal Leadership: how does the leader build trust, connect with, impact, inspire, convince, support, challenge, his or her internal and external stakeholders? 

Finally, it focuses on Organizational Impact: how does the leader achieve results, execute the strategy, align with the vision, connect his or her purpose with the organizational purpose?


Tools & Methodologies

We place the person at the center, but we have a systemic approach

When it comes to tools and methodologies, we are not dogmatic and we use what suits the situation, and the leader or the organization. We use different models, tools, and methodologies.

We place the person at the center, but we have a systemic approach and carefully consider the interdependencies between the individual, and its context like organizational culture, role, org charts, strategy, stakeholders and markets. We navigate from individuals to teams to systems and vice versa. ​​

Leadership development aims at accelerating the learning process along the 70/20/10 line: ​

  • 10% of learning comes from theory. It is, therefore, essential to focus on the relevant theory.

  • 20%, from meaningful conversations. Proper leadership development, needs to ensure those conversations are set up properly.

  • 70%, from practice. As we know, 10 years of experience sometimes means 1 year of experience repeated 10 times. Leadership development must guide towards the right experiences and help make the most sense of them. To accelerate experience rather than repeat it.


About Olivier Courtois, Founder  

Explorer - Entrepreneur - Entertainer 

30 years of experience in Leadership Transformation with practical and theoretical background.


Top Leadership Expert, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker.

Olivier, owner and founder of PHC has 30+ years of experience in leadership transformation with practical and theoretical background. He has worked with High Potentials, Executives and C-suite levels. He worked for several corporations including Center for Creative Leadership and Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for its clients. At Korn Ferry, his last corporate position, he was Partner and Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium & Luxembourg. He was part of the Global C-Suite Development Practice and an EMEA co-leader of the Executive to Leader Institute.  He is a certified executive and team coach by Korn Ferry. He also has a vast experience in executive assessments. 
Olivier has worked with high potentials and executives in and from the 5 continents. He is culturally sensitive, uses English and French in his interventions, and has knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.
Olivier speaks from experience. He is known for his insights, energy, and authenticity. He has led, been led, advised leaders and has faced transformational challenges both professionally as personally. Throughout the years, he has also developed a global network of professionals.

In the course of his career as an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, consultant, Olivier has developed a vast network of clients, colleagues, partners. He has more than 1000 hours of coaching experience. He deals with strategic and operational leadership questions for more than 1500 hours per year. This gives him breadth and depth of experience. With clients across EMEA in European and global organizations. 

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